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This is the life of a submissive baby girl who is more than 21. She loves diapers and submission. Absolutely nothing to do with kiddy porn or child abuse.

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Wenona is gagged, wrapped, and blindfolded, then plugged, and vibed until she is good and wet, then left alone with the hiatch for a long time in this clip and at


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lolette get Changed by Daddy D

Everyone in the ab/dl community should know about Lolette if you don’t already. She is a gorgeous AB Dreams model. But not just a model, an actual baby girl as are all the AB Dreams models are. Who is not just doing it for money like some models on other sites. Every time I have talked with her she is such a sweet heart. Although she will probably tell you she is a brat I don’t think she is. She is just a really mischievous and cheeky girl. Nothing wrong with that! You all should follow

Ahhh, I have to agree with you! I got to work with her when she was in town last and she is amazing. She was sosososo sweet and really helped me a lot with the shoots i did with her. Was such a pleasure to meet her ^^ 

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Worth watching!

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Daddy and I had a lot of fun together on our week off. I finally got to try out an Aww So Cute nappy, which I love the crinkliness of, although they don’t come very high up on me (tall girl problems…). I also got to prance around in my new adorable lil cupcake snap-crotch onesie from H&M which Daddy absolutely adores.

Lots more pics to come <3



Sorry we have been away for a while. Much more coming in the near future.

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