My adult baby girl

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This is the life of a submissive baby girl who is more than 21. She loves diapers and submission. Absolutely nothing to do with kiddy porn or child abuse.

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rubrpantz asked: Just wanted to thank you for sharing your "wet morning in Paris photos and your summertime 1 and 2". You baby girl looks so terrific.

Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed these photos.


dada put lots of marvel stickers on my dipaer and this diaper made my bum extremely soggy XD

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Beautiful diaper lover.

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latexdiaperlover-girl:  New PVC catsuit and double diapered in a  Tena Maxi and Lille supreme! She looks great in them and is wearing them for 24 hours! 


Here I am, punished for not wetting my diaper, I am led into the room and tied up to the wall forced to stand in these horrible heels. My daddy puts a gag in my mouth, and a tube into it, forcing me to gulp down water until my diaper is swollen! My ankles hurt so much! Check out for the video

Morning in Paris.

Morning in Paris.

My Lovely Adult Baby Girl.

My Lovely Adult Baby Girl.